Animation? Art? Design? Blue Kitty Cat? Blue Kitty Cat.

CatTrigger Animation and Design officially opened under Patrick Cheng as a small production environment in 2007 working on animated cartoons for clientele and has grown to contain work from Entertainment, Advertising and Technology industries, including international cartoon series, nation-wide tv and web commercials, web cartoons, mobile apps and music videos.

About Patrick Cheng

Graduated from Columbia College of Chicago under the Presidential and Academic Excellence scholarships, Patrick Cheng has over 6 years of professional experience as an Animator, Artist and Designer.

He has also taken roles as a Production Strategist in creating solutions and efficiency under an Animation production system for other animators and artists, and has been a Director for a series of Animated Works for media studios and other companies. Patrick has also directed and animated a number of shorts that have been featured in big film festivals, including the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, The San Diego International Children’s Film Festival and Columbia Gorge International.

More information, including client list, check out the resume here (PDF).

If you need anything, feel free to contact Pat at “I’m at your service!”

About the Cat.

Our Blue-hue Feline Hero is the head of CatTrigger Laboratories, a sister company (and widely silent true shadow owner) of CatTrigger Animation and Design. The cat spends his time making incredible inventions, including robots, raining candy, and other types of weird combinations of science and engineering.

Despite its representative, both CatTriggers are totally cool with dog lovers as much as cat lovers.