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Happy Holidays from CatTrigger!

Here’s an Electronic Card! Here’s a REAL One! Have a Happy Holidays everyone and a Happy New Year!

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Infinite Corpse Comic Strip

I contributed to the Collaborative Comic, “The Infinite Corpse” where artists around the world tell the story of a poor skeleton, one strip at a time. Here’s my contribution: Check the Context here!

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Post Something Quick!

Uh… uh… this! Wait… wait… what are you doing?

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Petronome Character Designs

Character designs for an upcoming game for iOS.

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A Bear and A Bear’s Son

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Dog ‘n’ Bunny

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Sketches for Cards

Something’s up! Whoa, who is that Dog? The Bears are back!

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Self-Portrait Pixel Art

In the high quality resolution of 32×32 Very tiny. Also the best city in the world, Chicago:

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Preview of “Money”

Sorry about the lack of updates, I’ve been busy on a tight deadline for a project I did the 2D Art and Character Animation for. Here’s a couple screens:

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